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They need visitors for your web page?
Klammlose or VIP members also in €?
The principle is simple:
They are active and we pay everything.

After your registration you receive to URL from us. Over this URL you different sides of our members are then shown (DEMO). In addition, they can use our Coolcash Viewer in the background.

For each page request shall your Credits account increases. Credits can be converted into advertising (visitors) and Klammlose. You can Credits from and to other visitor objects transfer and resell or be paid out as a VIP member in €.

* Banner Advertising *

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Sponsors Advertising

Make today your site known!
For your Credits you receive from us very cheap advertising in the form of:
banner / text link - clicks and views, layers, PopUps, PagePeel and Emails.
Reach out in a very short time a number of interested users.
Members Advertising

Recommend coolcash your friends and family!
For each new referred member, you will receive a credit of 2000 Credits*.
Various advertising material can be found in the members area.

* (after 3000 earned Credits)

Our Features

The main features at a glance
+ 2000 Credits signup bonus
after 5000 Credits
+ Credits to Klammlose, eBesucher
Primera swap
+ 5 Ref levels (5 % / 4% / 3% / 2% / 1%) + more games & slots for entertainment
+ Vip Memberships + Viele Many bonuses
+ Surfbar Ratio 10:7
VIP Memberships higher
+ Yielded Credits to other
Visitors Tauscher to transfer
+ Click4Credits + SMS sending with free SMS
+ Rallyes with Credits and cash prizes + Multisurfbar (4-fach)
+ Random Jackpot (Aktuell: 460.07) + Refkauf / Reback
+ Happy - Hour from 18.00 until 19.00 Clock + Multilingualism
Member become Sponsor become

* Unsere Projekte *

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